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Financial Services Analytics

We have helped multiple mortgage, credit card, personal and commercial finance companies to design, implement and control on credit, collection and back office processes.  Our expertise developed in the financial services sector allows us to utilize and transition best practices across many other verticals.

We have designed foreclosure clean-up, collections and loss mitigation, and mortgage advance management processes.  We have delivered HAMP scorecards, and designed reporting communication strategies with FNMA and Treasury. We have built loan modification applications allowing servicers to modify high interest rate and underwater mortgages.

Our analytical tools sit on top of existing servicing platforms, allowing for fast integration and rapid delivery.

Bee Analytics metrics and methodology measure and benchmark borrower and investor satisfaction. Our regulatory and investor compliance measurement framework enables fast deployment and the process improvement feedback loop.


Healthcare and Insurance Analytics

From claims management analytics to revenue recovery optimization, we utilize expertise developed in the financial services sector to eliminate waste.  Our prioritization algorithms are easy to integrate in any environment and deliver unparalleled ROI.

We provide re-admission analytics and help organizations to drive down both 30 days and long-term readmission rates.


Manufacturing Analytics

We analyze equipment, plant performance, and service data to identify weaknesses in procurement, manufacturing, design or servicing.  Our analytics empower management to make decisions on capital allocation, product and process development.


New product development

Bee Analytics innovation and first hand knowledge of financial service industries helps drives new product development.  We are happy to help your organization to enhance the existing offering with new external or internal products.  Put our innovation to work to contribute to your financial results.