Technical Analytics

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Predictive Modeling and Model Controls

We develop a variety of statistical models, including but not limited to logistic and linear regression, neural network, survival models, and fuzzy logic. Our predictive models are used in probability of event modeling (i.e. default, response, acceptance, virus distribution, etc.). We understanding models assumptions, limitations and deficiencies and design model controls.


Loan Loss Forecasting and Stress Testing

Bee Analytics provides granular loss forecasting that is imperative for building accurate operational modeling and financial forecast for financial institutions.  Our loss forecasts are used for loss reserving/provisioning, EPS modeling, and M&A modeling.   Our loss forecasts can utilize different treatment input scenarios allowing C-level executive decisions and outcome management.


Data-driven Strategy Development, Implementation and Controls

Bee Analytics implements operational strategies based on model outcomes, operational, market and implementation constraints.  None of the models are perfect, but we have developed expertise in implementing and utilizing models for desired outcomes.


Analytics Applications and Technology

We build analytical applications and firmware to integrate with third-party applications and processes.  From manufacturing plant to server analytics, our analytic algorithms help to identify risk, predict default and focus on potential opportunity.


Call Center Analytics

From integration and analysis of inbound and outbound call data, we have provided support and guidance to call centers.  Not only do we optimize on the call center’s mission, we help to drive down call center expense through cutting edge analytics.


Text Mining and Sentiment Analytics

We drive analytics and predict market sentiment across different vertical markets and communication channels. The best way to measure support of your new product in the marketplace, or the perception of your customer service, is through sentiment analysis.  We analyze data available through social media to drive analytical conclusions about your product, offering or expected market event.  This service is well fitted for marketing organizations and fund managers.