Functional Analytics

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Big Data

We are enabling forward thinking institutions to incorporate meaningful pieces of Big Data into their existing processes and to re-engineer the existing processes where warranted.  Our approach to Big Data Analytics is driven by our clients’ financial returns and strategic opportunities.  With the proliferation of Big Data providers comes incredible opportunities for predictive analytics, along with a plethora risk management issues and technological challenges.  Multiple formats exist in the marketplace, making it difficult to adapt and drive Big Data strategies. How well companies adapt to this environment will determine their Organizational Analytics DNA of the future.


Business Intelligence

We provide analytical support to a number of organizations to help them convert internal and industry data into actionable results. Our rapid implementation processes allow short lead times from data discovery to product delivery and strategy execution.  Bee Analytics’ approach to Business Intelligence does not depend on expensive hardware acquisition and deployment. We source, analyze data and deliver actionable intelligence based on data available on your existing platforms, schemas and systems.  Our data aggregation, execution and analytics methodology led to over $54MM savings in 2013.


Risk Management Analytics

Bee Analytics has developed expertise in many facets of Risk Management. We have successfully implemented traditional credit risk frameworks, fraud analytics platforms, and market risk modeling. Bee Analytics has devised methodologies to measure, implement and control for process risk.  We are excited to develop new partnerships to work in the area of cyber risk analytics. We believe that cyber risk will become an even more significant problem than credit risk over the next three years.


Compliance Analytics

Bee Analytics implements systematic compliance controls within organizations and enables execution outside existing parameters, minimizing the need for IT prioritization and support.  We do not sell out-of-the box systems with long implementation timelines.  We provide a rapid deployment environment to enable controls, exception reports, and out-of-compliance flags.  Our approach works well for fast changing processes within financial services where new compliance rules and frameworks necessitate changes to your business processes. It also works well in a manufacturing environment where quality control exceptions or violations can have a large earnings impact.


Workforce and HR Analytics

Bee Analytics helps forward thinking organizations to use both internal Enterprise and Big Data for decisions around recruitment, retention, compensation and succession planning. Measuring and optimizing HR success in all of the Talent Management functions is imperative to creating a sustainable institution.  In today’s environment, when any organization can implement cutting edge technological innovations, a long-term sustainable corporate advantage can be driven by the corporate culture.  How can organizations measure and manage corporate culture? Bee Analytics creates and implements benchmark-ready KPIs that provide accurate organizational talent metrics.  Not only do we measure workforce productivity, efficiency, and adherence, but we also help you manage organizational IQ, corporate resiliency and cultural uniqueness.


Operational Analytics

In today’s global economy, labor-price differentials drive a lot of business decisions around global outsourcing. The success of outsourcing depends on proper process integration and measurement. Not only do we help develop measurable processes, we also optimize on execution, control for gaps, minimize hand-offs and control costs. In other words, we are data-driven process experts.  Utilizing process optimization methodologies, continuous data measurement, and best in class statistical models, we help optimize business processes.


CRM and Marketing Analytics

Before the explosion of digital data we enhanced direct mail communication with call center live agent interaction.  Deciding how many collections calls to make at what time, how many letters to send, and what is the acceptable call center abandonment rate are key decisions we would optimize on.

Today’s world is much more complicated. Not only do we have multiple data sources and attributes of consumer behavior, we also have many new different ways of interacting with customers, such as text, email and voice message blasts. Integrating all these communication channels effectively leads to reduction in expenses and increased customer satisfaction. We have proven that effectively managing these different communication channels, creating escalation queues, and optimizing on your desired outcome leads to operational and legal expense reduction.

Additionally, dissatisfied customers tend to be “negative brand ambassadors” leading to reputational risk and potential loss of market share. Our goal is to help our clients get ahead of all these issues and become more effective at marketing and customer retention.


Strategy Analytics

Previously, executives across many industries used averages and assumptions to make product lifecycle, M&A and R&D decisions. The availability of detailed cross-discipline data and access to computing power enables us today to develop very granular strategic predictive models that empowers the C-suite.  We provide scenario-driven long-range EPS modeling based on multifactor inputs and simulation.  We think of it is a data-driven corporate war game.