Our comprehensive A/R settlement platform is designed with a focus on consumer experience. Its name, Debtgoner, projects the platform’s focus on helping the consumer to settle his/her outstanding debt. From a service provider or a debt owner perspective, the Debtgoner platform increases recovery rates for delinquent and written-off accounts, while significantly reducing cost, headline and compliance risks.

While our A/R settlement platform looks very intuitive and easy to use, the analytics that run behind the scenes are powerful enough to increase performance by 20-30%.

The platform is transactional in nature and it uses a small number of inputs to monetize receivables.


Here is how the process works

• Institution applies to open an account on

• We verify institutional credentials and approve the institution

• Approved institution uploads portfolio to our system

• As soon as portfolio is uploaded, starts analytical and settlement processes

• By driving debtors to the Debtgoner website, we are able to make offers to consumer to settle their debt

• After settlement offer is accepted, consumer uses credit card to pay

See it online today at and please contact us to learn more.